10th of June 2017

Dear players,

As you may have noticed: I posted the source code of the Five Multiplayer modification online in May. I posted it along with the message ‘done’ without any further explanation. I hope to clear up a lot of things with this:

I started working on this modification on my own in February 2016, where it was just me, nra4ever and JustStayAlive working on it. After a while (or 2 months to be exact,) I decided that I’ve learned enough to actually publish my work on GitHub.

In the beginning I got lots of support from a very small amount of members whereas one even started to submit pull requests, which was so much appreciated that the both of us started working together. Eventually that turned out to be nothing special.

I decided to work on my own again and met another developer named No-Half-Measures (and later on Kudze, which later left the team). We released a few versions which were nowhere close to the features that other multiplayer modifications provided back then, but we continued to work for almost a year and rewrote the modification at least 2 times. We got some crazy amount of support from all over the world and have seen some amazing servers being written. We also got a lot of hate, mostly because rumors were constantly spreading and we still were competing with other modifications at that point.

Unfortunately, this relation came to an end last Month. I was trying to contact No-Half-Measures all day long along with (pretty much) the whole testing team, but without success: our messages were read but never answered to.

The next day I received a message on Discord saying that he’s quitting due to my behavior shown to the rest of the team and due to my recent lack of activity (school, internship, etc.), which I found really absurd. Several points were named as reasons for leaving, but I really couldn’t see myself being wrong in those points at all, which were even agreed upon by most of the team. I really felt betrayed and sad that it had to go this way. I could go in detail about every single point made, but I feel like there’s no point in doing so as I’ll get the blame for it no matter what at this stage.

I was able to conclude that No-Half-Measures had no more interest in working together anymore, no matter what apology you’d give; not to forget to mention that I was blocked by him on every single platform we were friends on, thus making it rather impossible.

I’ve spent days calling and e-mailing in the hope of finding a new developer, as this is a huge project, which is very time consuming and requires additional developers to ensure quality, but unfortunately without success.

I’d like to add that No-Half-Measures has continued the framework on his own (unfortunately a private repository, thus breaking the license…). Which I respect in the community’s favor, as many largely scaled servers were close to being finished in terms of scripting. Some of which, have been in development for a very long time. I personally do not see a future in this project either: the project was mostly built using a rewritten hook for using natives. Only a few variables used for vehicles, were retrieved from the game’s memory.

I’m currently working for a group with enthusiastic developers on a roleplaying server on another multiplayer framework. I shortly realized after leaving that my hearts lays with developing websites, game servers and administrating servers, instead of working on modifications for games.

I personally thank every single person that has helped in making this project a thing, back when it started and to where we came today:

nra4ever: Friends for at least 5 years now. Helped with early testing and hosted every service related to FiveMP on his dedicated server.

JustStayAlive: Also friends for at least 5 years now. Also helped with early testing, but ended up developing the master server for us and did some work on the new website. We’re still making some cool stuff nowadays.

chmod0644: Did some work together, which turned into nothing special. Learned a lot none of the less.

No-Half-Measures: Worked together for almost a year; we had some great fun working on the modification and spent a ridiculous amount of time in-game together.

Kudze: You offered to help us developing the modification and did a lot of work for 0.1, which was later reused (but recoded to C++) in 0.2.

Ronin(Nexus): Was here from the beginning and spent many, many, many hours testing with us, before accepting a whole team of testers.

Lucas Bertone: You were also testing for us and even started your own hosting company, which I reviewed and turned out to be much better than I expected. I wish you a lot of luck!

Damaz and LeanOn: Not really spoke or seen you that much in-game, but still did some testing.

Rolandd: Tested for us and gave us a bunch of feedback.

BigETI: Did some testing, but was majorly warm welcomed due to your experience with C++, you did some pull requests on our API, which helped us a lot in the long term.

Toasty: We both really liked sharing memes, but you still helped me test most of my work.

RedPanda: Had lots of fun related to your nickname, but also helped us test a lot.

Golden: Neither spoke to you a lot, but still helped us testing.

Rustic7: Unexpectedly gave me a really good opportunity to show my capabilities in terms of developing, which I’m really thankful for as we still work together at this point.

And of course: the whole community for providing an amazing amount of effort and support while we were working really hard to get the modification out as soon as possible, while still trying to keep everyone happy.

Thanks to all of you for providing me with such an amazing time working on this modification, unfortunately this was the way to end it.


Jack or also known as Jimmy or Dev.